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This site is not about ice cream, although, in full disclosure, I love guava and all forms of ice cream. My name is Anthony. For the past two-plus decades, I have participated in and, in some instances, led the product strategy, research, design, or development roles on hundreds of desktop, web, and mobile app product experiences.

Guava Ice Cream is my own thing. Imagine that? I'm in a heavy experimentation dev phase with data, models, and AI. The goal is to use the myriad of new, emerging innovations meaningfully to solve problems.

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Gershwin Music

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Sunlight Electric

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Tensys Medical

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Recent engagements

42, Inc.

Before Earth's demolition, a depressed robot is asked the meaning of life only to be told it's 42.

Molly Bz Cookies

In Alaska, folklore tells the story of "boozy" cookies so good the Sasquatch eats them before hunts.


A MagSafe charger with built-in UV-C light. The 2-in-1 companion for a cleaner, more powered life.

AFM Racing

For decades, the AFM has been keeping the throttle wide open on US motorcycle road racing's growth.

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